Published by Paulo Figueiredo at Oct 01, 2020

Micro-level technological capability accumulation in developing economies: Insights from the Brazilian sugarcane ethanol industry

Accumulation of indigenous innovative capabilities in firms in developing economies (‘latecomer firms’) may contribute to sustainable industrial development. To enhance […]

Published by Paulo Figueiredo at Oct 01, 2020

When “one thing (almost) leads to another”: A micro-level exploration of learning linkages in Brazil’s mining industry

This paper explores the nature of learning linkages through a qualitative and empirically grounded study of three sets of interactions […]

Published by Paulo Figueiredo at Sep 30, 2020

Food security, public research organizations, and agricultural innovation in developing economies

We have to consider that: Demand for agricultural products faces an unprecedented increase, as the world’s population is expected to […]

Published by Paulo Figueiredo at Sep 30, 2020

How EMBRAPA catalysed productivity gains in Brazil’s soybean and pulp and paper industries

The issuesWhile there has been an unprecedented increase in demand for agricultural produce around the world, productivity growth has been […]

Published by Paulo Figueiredo at Apr 24, 2018

Innovation capability building and learning mechanisms in latecomer firms: recent empirical contributions and implications for research

This article reviews research in the past 25 years on learning processes as a source of innovation capability building in […]