For the past 25 years, Paulo N Figueiredo has been engaged in intense and varied teaching activities in the area of technological capability-building and innovation management in the context of firms and industries in developing/emerging economies.

His courses are taught in undergraduate programmes, as well as in master’s and doctorate programmes.

He also engages intensively in teaching in executive training programmes.

His teaching activities are characterized by the adoption of interactive and creative teaching techniques. The use of these techniques contributes to increasing knowledge exchanges among students and, ultimately, potentiating their learning process.

Paulo always brings his latest research findings and fieldwork experiences to the classroom to be shared with and discussed by his students.

By integrating his research with his teaching activities, he contributes to improving decision-making processes relative to role of technological innovation in industrial and economic development.

Course taught in undergraduate programmes:

Courses taught in master’s and doctorate programmes:

Courses taught in executive training programmes: