Oct 2, 2020

Technological learning strategies and technology upgrading intensity in the mining industry: evidence from Brazil

Despite exhaustive research on technology upgrading in firms from emerging ecnonomies – latecomer firms – we still know little about micro-level learning strategies underlying technological innovation  […]
Oct 1, 2020

By using a comprehensive and integrative approach to interactive learning and by examining how it affects the subsidiary’s accumulation of innovation capability ‘levels’, from a micro-level perspective in an emerging economy, we further the understanding of knowledge-seeking strategies and innovation in MNE-subsidiaries, from the standpoint of biotechnology. We also provide a basis to deepen the analysis of interactive learning in subsidiaries in other industries and other emerging economies.

Although multinational enterprises (MNEs) from advanced economies have increasingly internationalised their innovation activities, including R&D, into emerging economies, we have an incomplete understanding of how subsidiaries in […]
Oct 1, 2020

Inclusive innovation and the role of technological capability building: The social business Grameen Danone Foods Limited in Bangladesh

This article examines how a least developed country-based social business first creates operational capabilities (OCs) and then, over time, builds innovative capabilities (ICs) to fulfil a […]
Oct 1, 2020

In this study, we contribute to deepening and refining the understanding of technological catch-up through robust empirical insights on how the dynamic interplay between windows of opportunity and variation in the micro-level dual absorptive capacity development’s effectiveness helps to explain the extent of firms’ technological catch-up. We also provide a basis to further the analysis of technological catch-up.

Building on Lee and Malerba’s (2017) framework, we explore how leading firms in Brazil’s forestry and pulp industry responded to windows of opportunity, in learning terms, […]
Apr 24, 2018

Micro-level technological capability accumulation in developing economies: Insights from the Brazilian sugarcane ethanol industry

  Accumulation of indigenous innovative capabilities in firms in developing economies (‘latecomer firms’) may contribute to sustainable industrial development. To enhance understanding of capability accumulation processes […]