Published by Paulo Figueiredo at Oct 01, 2020

Technological learning strategies and technology upgrading intensity in the mining industry: Evidence from Brazil

Despite exhaustive research on technology upgrading in firms from emerging economies – latecomer firms – we still know little about […]

Published by Paulo Figueiredo at Oct 01, 2020

The role of interactive learning in innovation capability building in multinational subsidiaries: A micro-level study of biotechnology in Brazil.

Although multinational enterprises (MNEs) from advanced economies have increasingly internationalised their innovation activities, including R&D, into emerging economies, we have an […]

Published by Paulo Figueiredo at Oct 01, 2020

When “one thing (almost) leads to another”: A micro-level exploration of learning linkages in Brazil’s mining industry

This paper explores the nature of learning linkages through a qualitative and empirically grounded study of three sets of interactions […]

Published by Paulo Figueiredo at Sep 30, 2020

Food security, public research organizations, and agricultural innovation in developing economies

We have to consider that: Demand for agricultural products faces an unprecedented increase, as the world’s population is expected to […]